For the better part of a decade Kris Kasanova has been on the grind like only a Red Hook native could. From his breakout project, The Long Way Home, Kris has told his ever-evolving story with the hustle of the streets living in his lyrical content. From growing up in the projects in Brooklyn, NY, to his growing drive to provide for his family, Kris has told that story with a rawness and depth that few emcees could match.  You can see it in Warpaint. Where his rise to notoriety causes him to question his place in the world only to be pushed back by a sense of confidence that no matter the circumstance he will make it.  You can feel it in 24K. Where the influence of his city drops in the rhymes he spits as the Brooklyn in him flexes over hard-hitting beats crowning himself as the heir to New York Hip-Hop.  You can hear it in The Great Escape. As he transitions from a young man to a father and his ambitions of being one of the greats is only emboldened by his drive to support his son.  Even his brand, HomeSkool, is more than just a brand. HomeSkool is a lifestyle which he embodies; where he and his team come together to achieve better lives hustling for it every step of the way. Kris' latest project Always Something is the next chapter, detailing where he came from, but more importantly where he’s headed. And if Always Something is any indication of what’s to come, the book of Kasanova is set to have a great ending.